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Richmond, London

This week

Hey folks,

I'm currently in the middle of a bumper two week hiring inflection. I ran 8 interviews this week for a broad range of roles and have another round this coming week.

Some interviews went very well, some not so much. What have I learned? The biggest tip?

Research who you're interviewing for.

It sounds obvious, but a lot of people simply want a job, and it shows. If you actively engage with those interviewing you about how the business works, the team structure, and what makes the job exciting / a challenge, you will be remembered.

Secondly, ask questions. This is not a new tip, but one that a lot of people seem to ignore.

Without questions about the role, or those in the room with you, it really doesn't prove to them that you want to be there. Ask about a recent press release, what the CEO is like, if there's a social calendar.

Lastly, relax. Interviews should test you, but not put you in an environment where you feel overly anxious. If that is the case, the business is probably not for you. Ultimately, the interviewers want you to succeed, and they will try to bring out your strengths in a manner that allows that to happen.

From an incredibly windy London.

Some links

Finding out what Google knows about you

~ Tech

We can't be surprised to know that Google and other big tech companies know us insid out. The amount of tracking in our mobile phones is enough to build an immense picture of who we are. All of this data is consistently fed into algorithms (defined as predictive analytics) that decide if we're suitable for a credit card, a mortgage, or even a job. What happens when the data companies are collecting is either incorrect, or something worse? This article takes a personal look into what Google knows about the author and how it can be a tad dangerous.

Understanding Tesla's approach to innovation

~ Tech

Tesla is a fantastic PR engine. The way they tease and launch products is almost unmatched in the industry, and they attracts such a loyal fanbase that it leaves most traditional manufacturers in their dust. So how do they do it? This piece from the Harvard Business Review takes a look into the strategies and economic undertones of the Tesla approach to innovation. Great read.

The science behind airplane food

~ Travel

Something a bit lighter to close this week. I've had some baaaaad airline meals in the past, but I've also been pleasantly surprised sometimes. The quality seems to be getting better, and that is going to be down to consumer pressure. Aopparently, First Class meals can cost an airline up to $100 per person...yep. This article is a great insight into the background of what we eat when we're at 30k feet.

Bonus round

— Hipster movie fans, assemble. Here's a Tumblr blog showcasing the colour palettes used in Wes Anderson films.

Something to listen to

How to be a platform, with Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke

~ Business

If you've bought anything from an ecommerce store in the past few years, there's a high chance it was powered by Shopify.

The CEO originally started the business as a way to launch his own snowboard site, but spotted an opportunity to spin it out into its own entity when he was asked to build a similar platform for other small businesses.

This podcast is a candid look at what it took him to scale the project from a humble solution for one software engineer, into the billion dollar company it is today. Hint: build a platform that allows other developers to also make money.

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