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Milk, No Sugar #253



Have you ever heard of “conscious capitalism”?

It’s something I’ve alluded to a bunch in previous issues, but not labelled. It’s where companies strive for growth, but not at all costs.

We’re talking less about employee burnout, and more allowing them to enjoy their life alongside their work. It also places the planet, and sustainable thinking, at the heart of a business’ growth.

Sounds silly when you think about it, but this isn’t really how most businesses operate, and there’s a bit of a movement to drive this idea forward.

It’s important to not that conscious capitalism isn’t the same as corporate social responsibility, which – more often than not – is a PR opportunity. I didn’t tell you that.

Want to read more about it? Here you go.

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Preparing for a future where creativity is a survival skill

Automation will take over most of the jobs we see as normal nowadays, it’s just going to happen. However, apparently creativity is something that automation just can’t quite get right.

It makes sense, given that it’s our ingenuity that created AI in the first place. With this in mind, how can we best prepare ourselves to become creative in the workplace, and prosper in the workplace as the impending automation doom arises? p.s. if this article asks you to log in, just open it in an incognito window.

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❷ The importance of early work

I was having a conversation with someone on Twitter about this just last night. When starting projects, we’re always (I’m speaking for everyone here) scared to show our progress because it’s too early, not currently good enough, or just “not ready”. Sound familiar?

One of the key ways out of this mindset is to flip it. Something “not ready” means that it has the potential to be amazing, rather than a lame duck.

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❸ Getting over “not good enough”

I promise you the relationship between the articles this week is a coincidence.

The way this article phrases perfectionism as unhealthy resonated with me. I think we can all find ourselves striving for 100%, when 80% will more often than not suffice. Does that sound familiar to you?

Perfectionism can be unhealthy, and I think the largely creative audience of this newsletter will feel that burn quite acutely.

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Bonus round

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Sonic Utopia

What do the sounds of the future…sound like?

With electric cars, trains, and even lower decibel airplanes being manufactured, our ears may well be given a rest.

There’s a great story in here about a blind architect who uses sound to design a building. Yep, you read that right.

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