Content hub and marketing collateral


Patek Philippe / Newsweek

Designer / Developer

Sketch / Photoshop / HTML/5, CSS/3

The Brief


The first project for IBT Media's creative commercial department - IBTailored - was to pitch and produce a solution that repurposed multimedia content for the luxury watch brand, Patek Philippe.

The solution


A content hub focussing on the 5 Patek Philippe handcrafts, which was then advertised via a combination of HTML digital banners, native units, a newsletter banner and a Solus email.

The content hub


Designed in Sketch and built using HTML, CSS and jQuery, I used full width images and video as section breakers. Further, by implementing a larger font size and narrower measure, the reading experience is tightened.

The Banners


Designed in Photoshop and built using HTML and CSS, these banners were trafficked through Google DFP and tracked using a combination of utm and a MOAT pixel. I managed the relationship between our client representative and the advertising operations team to deliver these.

HIT (High Impact Treatment) banner

I proposed and developed this custom solution to the internal sales team, with Patek Philippe being the first client brought on board to test the format.

Billboards 970x250px

Double MPU - 300x600px

EDM design and build; Newsletter banner

Designed in Sketch and then coded using good ol' HTML tables, the EDM was delivered using IBM Marketing Cloud and sent to over 160k registered users.