Directline Flights Mobile Search Redesign

Mobile search redesign





The Brief, having previously redesigned their website, approached me to improve their mobile search functionality. Although sales were booming, they felt that the experience on mobile could be improved.

The solution


I decided to approach the problem by relying on a more 'app-like' experience for the mobile search functionality. Using the full canvas and clearly defined form prompts, the process was rid of other site distractions and the search experience singled out. 

Directline Flights search redesign mockkupsDirectline Flights search redesign mockkups

In order to demonstrate the 'app-like' experience, I decided to keep the form as clean as possible. This meant forcing a full screen form, with strong usage of colour to indicate in/active states of fields, and also to tie in the bold brand colours to enforce recognition and trust across the purchase process.

Desktop implementation


Having accepted my proposed changes accepted for mobile, DLF asked me to port these over to desktop.