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I hate small talk. So much, that I decided to start a weekly newsletter, with the intention of informing you on topics you may not have seen that week. It's a great read.

Previous issues

We're all designers; Consciousness; Politically duped; Kendrick's album design

Stop motion; Independent cinema; Music video films

Burritonomics; Being lazy; Conspiracy theories

Orwell's tea; Socrates' democracy; Frank Ocean's method

Creative pain; Animation; Laziness; Power

Playlists vs albums; How to design; Terence Malik's seclusion

What design is; Being conscientious; Middle-aged loneliness

Lynch’s La La Land; Californian cool; History of Pantone

20th anniversary albums; Olympic legacies; Mental health

Golden Arches; Religious reform; Stop protesting

Losing our attention; Sartre vs Camus; Einstein's loneliness

Targeted politics; Female comics; Refugees in America

Trump's reading list; Removing small talk; Regaining attention

Beirut's beauty; Navy SEAL corruption; Netflix design series

Obama's reading list; Learning to run; Publishing inefficiencies

'Truthiness'; Personal philosophy; Kanye's stage direction

Slogans of the world; Fraud in Silicon Valley; Vintage Pan Am posters

Best albums 2016; Vintage cigarette packaging; Fakest of news

Christmas weirdness; Redesigning the world; Working for Google

History of cinema; Showbusiness discourse; Afrofuturism

Post truths; Autotune; The new television

Kanye's mental health; Political weaponry; 2016 album covers

Ulysses; Global warming in Morocco; Scientology

Kubrick's boxes; Deplorables; Letting go

Marketing budgets; Syrian milkshakes; Learning to love giggin'

1950s Hong Kong; Companion robots; 15 hour work week; Pumpkin recipes

The first moonwalk; Understanding consciousness; Undercover in Saudi Arabia

Dylan's lyrics; Time machines; Pictures of USSR Europe

Solange's style; Sampling Miles Davis; Homer Simpson's political class

Steve Jobs on design; Kanye West illustrations; Starbucks at home

Syrian cuisine; Jeckyll & Hyde; Coffee, differently 

Favourite fonts; hipster Delhi; Noam Chomsky 

Frank Ocean; Veganism; Saying bye to Apple

Conflict(s) of Syria; Kanye's samples; Netflixification

Musical profitability; Colours of Morocco; Publically intellectual

Illegally legal Instagram; Steve Jobs & minimilism; History of email

Just do it; Visualising Vonnegut; Importance of distraction

Immigration percentages; Dangers of pork; Launch your product for free

Instapiration; iPhone photography awards; A language a week

British bombs; Independence day appropriation; Getting ideas live

Dahl the bully; K-pop, designed; Philosophers on love

On travelling; EU Referendum, illustrated; 70K year old cousins

Animated Van Gogh; Digital language divide; History of curry

Hidden London; Unreleased Hitchcock posters; Malcom X on Ali

The great American essay; Yves Klein's blue; Zizou

Buzzfeed data; Raymond Carver on happiness; The madness of running

Quentin & James Blake; Pure-O; Dalston in the '80s; Rapper's insight

Breakfast debunked; Flight prices explained; Mexican shepherd's pie

Anti/assimilation; Kray gallery; Trusting yourself; International borders

Tribe galleries; Settling as a Syrian; Movies designed for VHS

Copyright and Prince; Spring Break in the '80s; Air BnB on design

Vonnegut's rules; Hollywood's gender im/balance; Scorsese on Scorsese

Colour blindness; On flakiness; 3D Rembrandt

Explaining hashtag virality; Hegemonic flag design; Don't learn to code

Designing pre-Photoshop; Adulting; Grief, as a designer

Living with dementia; Hendrix's obsession with Dylan; Your news bubble

Feminism, animated; A Grand Budapest interview; Renaissance princesses

VR Happy Meals; Black history & Kendrick Lamar; Global WiFi spots

Di Caprio's heartbreak; YouGov is watching; The original DJ

Text me back; Visualising God; President Lincoln's camera; Death row food

Interactive books; MTV's rap editing; AI intro

Netflix and thrill; Smart mirrors; Addictive love

Interactive Ai Weiwei; Is this wine good?; History of British curry

R Kelly; History of the &; Non-healthy kale

David Bowie; Vintage LA photos; Social trafficking

Old school garage; The Wire, animated; Autism in the Israeli army