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Canary Wharf at night is a real gem.

With it being carnival weekend, I anticipate plenty of Red Stripe, jerked everything and enough dancing to last a year. What I'm interested to know, is are there any vegetarian jerk recipes that you'd like to share? Please do send them over.

For new subscribers, hello and welcome to Milk, No Sugar. I want to remove small talk, by giving you interesting and debatable subjects to bring up with your friends/colleagues/parents. Please share if you're enjoying it.

Bye bye Apple. Every time I pull my phone out, I'm abused for it not being an iPhone. Yes, I'm talking to you. Anyway, the global shift of perceptions from Apple to Google of the company that is the be-all and end-all of design and technology. Honestly. Apple's refusal to break boundaries, much how we expected them to in years past, is allowing Google to jump ahead and convert people like me.

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Meat free globe. What if the whole world was vegan? How would this change the global state? Even if we all adopted a vegetarian diet (eating eggs and dairy), global waste emissions would drop by 44% by 2050. Stick that fact in your pocket.

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Colombian castration. When I visited Cartagena, Colombia, it was clear to see that there was a racial divide. I'm not talking about obvious tension, but in the way that labour was divided up. Apparently, the city was built by the slave trade (surprise), yet Colombia has a habit of ignoring the important page that their black ancestors had increating such a beautiful place.

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Let's push things forward. Ever noticed that every song ever has a wa-oh-wa-oh section? Well, it's been studied and this familiar whining is not only in all contemporary pop songs, but is such a familiar sound that we can almost guarantee the success of a song by using it. From Katy Perry to Frank Ocean, they are all singing it.

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Do you live in London? I run a Twitter account (@LondonIsYours), for the entire city, where a new person takes over the keys every Sunday night. Would you like to have a go?



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