I'm Luis.

Designer / Coder / Strategist / Cook.


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Who am i?
Just a little bit about me
Wouldn't want you to get bored



I write a weekly newsletter with the aim of removing small talk from conversations.

I spend most of my free time in the kitchen, experimenting mostly with Middle Eastern and Indian recipes.

I founded @LondonIsYours,  which allows everyday Londoners to talk about what London means to them for 7 days.

Finally, I'm approximately 99% dry, dry wit.



I'm a fast thinking designer with exposure to London and Sydney-based ecommerce, charity and publishing businesses.

Au fait with digital and print design, as well as front end development, I take pride in owning the full design and build process.

By approaching problems creatively, I challenge traditional business decision making; it's paramount users are at the centre of all commercial decisions.

Get in touch


If you'd like to follow me socially, I'm a huge deal on Twitter and Instagram.

For professional reasons, check out my CV , portfolio, or my Behance profile.